Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Photos courtesy of Prestige Photography and Design 

New Evolution Wrestling presents: A NEW BEGINNING, live, December 30th, 2015, at the CLB Armoury. 
This past Wednesday, New Evolution Wrestling Kickstarted the Newfoundland wrestling scene into action in front of a sellout, standing room-only crowd of 500 people, at the CLB Armoury. Here are the results:
After weaselling his way into a first round matchup to crown the first NEW Heavyweight Champion, "X Rated" Steve Arsenault stole a first round victory over "Bulldog" Brandon Hynes, and Dillon Sharpe. 
"Wild Thing" Tony King spoiled Max Power's return to the province with atainted victory in wild thing fashion, and continues to proclaim himself to be the "King" of Newfoundland wrestling. 

In the second of first round championship matches, "Hell Raiser" Justin Lock was victorious over "Psycho" Mitch via DQ, as Newfoundland's most unstoppable monster attacked the Hell Raiser with a weapon. Justin tried to defend himself, only to end up having Sheik Aziz and Psycho Mitch join forces in an attempt to end his career. Dillon Sharpe and former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree rushed to the ring and fended off the duo, setting up a tag match main event for the evening. 

Fans also witnessed a #1 contender triple threat match which saw "Dynamite" Dylan Davis victorious over Blake Maxwell, as well as his long time best friend Matt Wheeler. Both Dylan and Matt embraced in a mutual sign of respect after their matchup. 

After manipulating his way into the heavyweight title tournament, "X Rated" Steve Arsenault stole a victory over "Hell Raiser" Justin Lock to become the NEW heavyweight Champion. When the referee was down, Arsenault hit Lock with the championship title belt, and strapped him in the sharpshooter. Justin tried to fight it off, but couldn't recover from his injured leg from his prior match with Psycho Mitch.

In the main event, Rene Dupree and Dillon Sharpe reigned supreme over Psycho Mitch and Sheik Aziz, after Rene hit a top rope elbow drop on Aziz for the victory.

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