Wednesday, July 30, 2014

AGPW 7/28/14 - Souris, PEI

AGPW 7/28/14 - Souris, PEI
Report courtesy of Josh Storring

Show opened up with a great back and fourth contest with Bobby Sharp vs Jeremy Prophet. Sharp defeated Prophet via pinball.

Second contest was Tokyo Nakanoue vs Filthy Phil Atlas, this match featured some comedy and back and fourth forearm strikes and strikes. Very entertaining. Nakanoue wins via pinball.

Third match was British Bruiser vs Amazing Spider-Man. The kids loved this match with some high-flying moves from Spidey and power moves from Bruiser. Fun match with Spider-Man winning via pinball.

Fourth match was The Cuban Assassin vs René Dupré. This match was a brawl that went all over the building, with back and fourth action in and out of the ring. Match ended in a count out. After the match Atlas and Bruiser ran out and helped Cuban attack Dupré, Sharp and Nakanoue came out for the save. Dupré got on the mic and challenged Cuban, Atlas and Bruiser to a six man tag.

After the intermission the main event was the six man tag between René Dupré, Bobby Sharp and Tokyo Nakanoue vs The Cuban Assassin, Filthy Phil Atlas and The British Bruiser. Action packed match with both teams getting the upper hand many times. Dupré hit an Ace Crusher and Sharp hit a Frog Splash for the pin.

After the main event Dupré got on the mic thanking fans for coming and saying that if there were no fans, then they couldn’t do what they do. René also told the crowd that his mother is an Islander, which got lots of cheers.

Overall great show. Souris crowd seemed to be the biggest of all 3 PEI shows and I hope they come back!

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