Saturday, May 25, 2013


Josh Storring

Awesome show tonight! Rene Goguen and the rest of the AGPW roster worked hard!

The All Japan GAORA TV belt

Sanada, Muta and Dupree

Kendall Moore

Wow! Just wow, just got home from the show in Borden-Carleton, and i can say, it was just Awesome! Anyone who got to see the show tonight, i’m sure would say the same thing. If you missed it, make sure to check it out next time, you won’t be disappointed.

Jeff Hicken As a fan of Japanese and classic, technical wrestling, this show brought to PEI the art of professional wrestling. The AGPW, Emile and Renee Dupree incorporated entertainment with great wrestling from the opening match to the main event. Other years the basis was for kids and most matches didn’t showcase the wrestler’s in ring ability. This time around it’s high intensity, technical, and pertains to the fans who love the sport. Each man and woman gave it their all and I was pleasantly surprised.

Adam Connolly

Great show tonight in Borden-Carleton!! Can’t wait to have you guys back here again!!

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