Monday, June 23, 2008

The show goes on.........

June 20 - Lameque, NB
Rene may have been eating sushi somewhere in Asakusa Tokyo, but back in Lameque, New Brunswick, the show went on ... with our stringers Eric Lanteigne and offsider Remi were there to capture all the action.....

Eric (words) and Remi (camera) with Butcher Vachon the Second

What a great AGPW show in Lamèque last Friday! The opener was a barn burner with legendary bad-mouth Butcher Vachon II facing a determined Shawn. Vachon was heavily booed from the start by a very engaged crowd. Later, he put fuel on the fire when he told everybody to “shut their damn mouths”. Essentially, Butcher beat the hell out of Shawn, with fast knee strikes in the corner and a clothesline that sent his hapless opponent flying over the ropes. Despite a quick comeback by the babyface, Vachon dominated and pinned him for the three count. This match set the crowd on fire for the rest of the show. Great opener!

Next, was the local hero and fan favourite, Marko Estrada facing the Caribbean Pirate in a athletic showdown. In this back and forth match, Estrada used the crowd energy to block a top-rope suplex and execute one of his own on the Pirate. A very loud and happy crowd celebrated as Estrada pinned Pirate’s shoulders for the win.

The Pirate moves in on Estrada, taking refuge in the corner.

It was time for the title match between reigning champion, Jeff Dupre and Cuban Assassin II. Dupre had a hard time with the experienced Assassin using every dirty tricks in the book to his advantage. After a solid brawl, Dupre rolled Assassin in a perfectly executed small package for the three count.

Dupre on the ropes

After a short break,the next match was a mixed tag team event with Atlas and the Fabulous She nay-nay up against Spiderman and Erin Angel. In the match of the night, we saw high-flying action by all wrestlers, including a brutal modified facebuster, a reverse DDT and a fast hurricanrana. At one point Angel faced Atlas, who had tried to seduce her earlier in the match, making She nay-nay boil down with jealousy. After a chaotic brawl, with all four wrestlers in the ring, Angel hit her top-rope moonsault on Atlas for the finish.

Atlas clutches his trampled dignity

In the final contest of this spectacular night, New-Brunswick’s giant Kurrgan faced Nature Boy Austin accompanied by the Cuban Assassin II. The match began with a contest of strength easily won by the giant. Later in the match, Kurrgan had a lot of problems containing both wrestlers, with Assassin distracting the referee any time he could. In one spot, stolen from the original nature boy, Kurrgan slapped Austen repeatedly on the chest with the whacks echoing around the ice-rink. Kurrgan won the match with a massive chokeslam.

Everyone in the arena went home happy and fulfilled by this great show!

More of Eric's photos below ......

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